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"Sheen Hok Rising Sun Project" is a project established and funded by the Sheen Hok Charitable Foundation. It mainly provides support services for school children (SEN) with special educational needs (SEN) aged 6 - 12 and their parents in Hong Kong.


The Sheen Hok Charitable Foundation spent nearly two years conducting research and research and officially launched the project in September 2019 to provide psychiatric specialist counselling and treatment assistance for school children. With years of extensive diagnosis and treatment experience and professional knowledge of psychological counselling and treatment, the medical team in the project hopes to make up for the current government’s insufficiency of support services for SEN students and their families. The project identifies suspected cases and provides SEN Kids with professional psychiatric specialist evaluation and follow-up treatment.


Our services are made up of a professional mental health team including child and adolescent psychiatrists, clinical psychologists, educational psychologists, speech therapists, occupational therapists, and family therapists. In addition to providing the most timely and appropriate assessment, treatment, and counselling for students and parents, workshops and interest classes are also held regularly to provide comprehensive support services to those in need.


"Rising Sun Project" has been in operation for more than two years, providing counselling and treatment to nearly 300 SEN students from low-income and poor families. For a long time, the treatment of SEN school children in Hong Kong has been based on pharmacological intervention, hoping to relieve their symptoms through medications, but we believe that non- pharmacological interventions can greatly increase the treatment effectiveness and prognosis of the children.

In view of this, Sheen Hok is committed to providing non- pharmacological interventions (such as sensory integration training, art music therapy, "Cognitive Ability Enhancement Course" "Assessment of Learning Potential" and other different treatment methods) to enhance the learning ability, autonomy, and self-confidence of the SEN children. At present, "Sheen Hok Rising Sun Project " is cooperating with different centres to refer SEN students for treatment. However, there are still numerous children waiting for services.

Therefore, we decided to establish this "Sheen Hok Tsang Hok Kuen Rising Sun Children Development Centre" to shorten their waiting time, and provide them with treatment as soon as possible.


The Sheen Hok Rising Sun Tsang Hok Kuen Children Development Centre in Fo Tan will be launched in late 2022. Our team of experienced therapists will provide professional SEN assessment, counseling, and therapy for students and parents, as well as hold various workshops and interest classes.

Our goal is to help children and parents by 2023. The center mainly provides free and most timely and appropriate assessment, treatment, and counseling for SEN students and their parents from low-income families. It also regularly organizes workshops and different classes so that those in need can receive free and comprehensive support services.

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